Achieve your Dream Exit .

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Selling a business? No Monkey Business – Your partner for a Dream Exit

Ready to sell your tech company? Considering an exit? Then do it right. Value creation is crucial before entering the market. You’ve put your heart and soul into your business. And now you deserve no less than a Dream Exit.

No Monkey Business is your results-oriented partner and guide towards your Dream Exit.

We always aim for value creation. Combining it with consultancy and well-thought-through optimizations. No Monkey Business has developed a program for this that has proved its worth. With this program we guide your tech company towards a Dream Exit. We charge a fixed monthly fee, assisting you every step of the way. And where necessary, we call in the “black belt” specialists.

Venture capital as part of your quest for business growth

No Monkey Business is also your partner if you’re need of venture capital for further growth. Show the best version of your tech company to potential investors! The process is largely the same as for value creation. Let’s face it, you only want Dream Capital, right?

We’re there to help Managing Directors who dream of an exit and tech companies who need capital for the next step in their expansion.

Value creation in practical projects

NMB doesn’t believe in voluminous reports. We think they’re a waste of our time and your hard-earned cash. We’re entrepreneurs ourselves after all. Get started right away with our practical method. We work with you and your team. How else? Our method only leads to a Dream Exit or Dream Capital if everyone in the organization is on board. 

The entire process may seem rather complex to your organization. That’s why we’ve divided the optimizations into projects. Projects with a clear scope, that are easier to manage. What’s more, each completed project is always a reason to celebrate. A great way of keeping everyone motivated!

Focus on the end result

Each project brings us closer to the end result: your Dream Exit. The No Monkey Business promise: with our help, your business will be worth more than before we got involved.

Sounding board for the Managing Director and the Management Team

No Monkey Business doesn’t just manage and guide the exit process, we also serve as a sounding board for the owner and the management team, a key element of the process. We are natural born coaches, and coaching the management happens to be an inextricable part of the process.

Our experience also adds significant value. We’ve already done this before, we already have the experience. We built, developed and sold a tech company ourselves. We’ve also experienced our own share of ups and downs. And as consultants, we have also guided tech companies towards a dream exit. What’s more, we’re familiar with the buyer’s perspective. We use this unique combination of skills to achieve our common goal. We’re no yes-men. Our feedback is always honest, however hard-hitting the message may be.

4-Step Exit Program

The M&A 4 Step Program is designed to help your company with your Growth Strategy in 4 easy steps.