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“We are Dedicated to support your Business to Increase Growth, Company Valuation, and Optimize your M&A Journey.

When you become a client of No Monkey Business you become part of our family and will get access to our Nmb Network® ; our network consists of Black Belt specialists in the following areas:

  • Strategy
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Technology and Innovation
  • Finance
  • M&A Specialists

We also have a large global network of private investors, venture capital companies and potential strategic buyers. Please contact us for more information.

No Monkey Business was established to help and support businesses and entrepreneurs with their growth strategy.

Our founder, Martijn van der Hoeden has himself more than 25 years of experience in establishing, leading and growing his business to a successful international software company: Assistance Software.

In 2017 his company was merged with Unit4, an international organization active in 26 countries with a turnover of approximately 600m euro. After the merger, Martijn gave leadership to The Unit4 Global PSO Center of Excellence where he was responsible for the products strategy, R&D and the Enablement of the global sales and consultancy Teams.

Martijn and his team would now like to dedicate their experience to other entrepreneurs, companies and organizations that want to grow and perform optimally.

At No Monkey Business we offer a unique concept with our M&A 4 Step Programs® that will help you optimize your performance and achieve your goals. For startups and companies with a turnover up to around 2.5M Euro we offer our CoachmeNow® path.

And for one-off issues you can contact us for Consultancy.

4 Step Exit Program

The M&A 4 Step Program is designed to help your company with your Growth Strategy in 4 easy steps.