Achieve your Dream Exit.

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No Monkey Business – Your Guide Towards Your Dream Exit

We combine value creation with guidance and consultancy. Our process and the optimizations we implement will help your business achieve a Dream Exit. We charge a fixed monthly fee for our services. We will guide you through the process from start to finish and engage “black belt” specialists as needed.

Raising Capital for Further Growth

If you’re in need of capital for further growth, again, we’re here for you. To present your best side to possible investors, you complete the same value creation process. After all, you only want Dream Capital, right?

We’re there to help Managing Directors dreaming of an exit and businesses in need of capital for the next step in their expansion.

No Monkey Business’s Practical Method

No massive stacks of reports with NMB. We wouldn’t want to waste our time and your funds – we’re entrepreneurs ourselves! We’ve developed a practical method which will give you the steps to get started right away. We do this together with you and your team, of course. Only when everyone’s committed can our method result in a Dream Exit.

The entire process could seem unwieldy to your organization. That’s why we’ve divided the improvements and changes into projects. These projects have a clear scope, which makes it easier to manage. Plus each completed project is a reason to celebrate. A great way of keeping everyone motivated!

Focus on Final Results

Each project brings us closer to the final result: your Dream Exit. The No Monkey Business promise: with our help, your business will be worth more than before we got involved!

No Monkey Business as Sounding Board for the Managing Director and the Management Team

No Monkey Business doesn’t just manage and guide the exit process, we also serve as sounding board for the owner and the management team, a key element of the process. Coaching management teams is in our blood and therefore inextricably part of the process. Our experiences provide significant added value, as we’ve gone through this journey before. We’ve experienced the depths and the heights. Furthermore, we are familiar with the buyer’s perspective. We use this unique combination of skills to achieve our collective goal. We’re no yes-men. We always provide honest feedback, however hard it might be to hear sometimes.

4-Step Exit Program

The M&A 4 Step Program is designed to help your company with your Growth Strategy in 4 easy steps.