Business Review

The results of the Intake Assessment (Step 1) form the starting point for the Business Review. In this second step, we will develop plans for the future using the NMB Framework©, a guideline specially developed to define your mission. We will also outline the Exit Profile you’re working towards. This describes the ideal version of your business at that future time of exit. And of course we will create a practical plan on how to get there.

NMB Framework© Revolves Around the Mission

The NMB Framework© is all about the Mission. Everyone in your organization must be aware of the Mission and it must be watertight. Additionally, the Mission must state exactly what you stand for and what you want to achieve, in two sentences at most.

Of course, it’s no accident that the areas relating to the Mission are the three key elements of the No Monkey Business method: Proposition, Go-to-Market and Delivery.

Proposition: Products/Services

The Proposition refers to the products and/or services which contribute to achieving your Mission. Sometimes, the Proposition no longer fits the Mission. A lack of focus can often threaten growth and success.

Go-to-Market Plan and Strategy

With your Proposition solidly in place, we can get started on your Go-to-Market plan and strategy. This element is completely dependent on your Proposition. If your Proposition isn’t absolutely clear, your Go-to-Market approach will lack cohesion. This can cause you to waste a lot of money.

Delivery – How to Meet Your Promises

The final element is Delivery. How will everything you have promised in your Proposition and all your marketing communications actually be fulfilled, produced, delivered and implemented? Doing what you promised sounds simple, but is the essence of your business. Customer retention and high customer satisfaction are foundations for further growth.

These three elements are closely interconnected. Their order is important too. A Mission that isn’t clear results in a vague Proposition, preventing the creation of a well-defined Go-to-Market plan.

Strategy, Team and SysTech© Sub-Elements

All three main elements consist of the same sub-elements:

  • Strategy (What are your strategic goals?)
  • Team (With whom will you achieve those goals?)
  • SysTech© (Which systems and processes support this?)

The Buyer’s Perspective

An important part of this step is the fictitious buyer’s standpoint. How would a buyer view your business? What would they want to see? We put ourselves in the potential buyer’s shoes to create an Exit Profile, a description of your ideal business at the time of exit.

Analysis, Goals and Projects

Using the results of our DeepScan© and the Exit Profile, we will perform a Fit/Gap analysis: on which aspects does your business currently score well, and where is there room for improvement? This is when we define clear, workable projects, with schedules and lists of tasks. That way, everyone is clear on what must be done to achieve an optimal exit profile. The projects make it easy to work towards that profile, step by step.