Exit Now

In this final step, we will help you enter the market to raise the capital required or for a complete exit.

This is the moment we have worked towards together. Your company is at the top of its game on all levels: it has a clear Mission, a good Proposition, a well-defined Go-to-Market strategy, and a solid Delivery method. You have great, satisfied customers. You’re ready for that Dream Exit.

At this stage, there are a few aspects that require attention. Fortunately, No Monkey Business has the necessary know-how and experience to skilfully guide you through the process.

We have access to a network of potential buyers, such as venture capitalists and strategic buyers, and we will include your own list of buyers as well. We ensure that there is a sense of urgency among all suitable candidates. At this stage, our approach is aimed at maximizing your value.

And because we have worked our way through the 4-Step Exit Program© together, everything is ready. A data room has been set up and we are able to provide the requested data at a moment’s notice. Being able to quickly provide any requested information greatly increases the buyer’s confidence, which is vital to achieve a successful transaction. After signing all the required papers, we will celebrate the conclusion of this intensive, productive stage together.