Intake Assessment

The purpose of the Intake Assessment is to create a complete overview of your organization. The first part you do yourself, using the NMB QuickScan©. This tool forces you to consider your business and gives you an initial idea of where you stand. Worth bearing in mind: the QuickScan also tells you how YOU view your business.

Discover what the NMB QuickScan© involves here

Once the NMB QuickScan© report is complete, you will present your business, services and/or products to us. This forms the starting point for the DeepScan© we perform. We will delve deeper to understand where your business is at. Once we’ve completed the DeepScan©, we have a clear idea of where you stand now and what your ambitions are.

Now it’s our turn for a presentation. We present our initial vision of your business.

This first step ends in a joint decision. Now that we both know where your business stands and what you want, we will discuss whether to proceed to the next step together. Are you convinced we are the right partner to guide you towards a Dream Exit? Are WE convinced as well? Is there sufficient trust and commitment on both sides?

Then, and only then, will we move to Step 2.