No Monkey Business Promise Rests on Four Core Values

No Monkey Business has a clear profile, based on four core values. These are part of our DNA and our promise to you.

1. We Create Many Times the Value We Cost

There has to be a click. No Monkey Business is not the ideal solution for everyone. We must have a connection. If we aren’t sure we can add value, we won’t start. We have to believe in your mission, your ideas and your business. Only then can your business achieve a higher value than before we came on board. But if that click is there and we begin the exit process together, we promise to create value that is worth many times our costs.

2. We Are Equal Partners

We value partnership and collaboration highly. We can only succeed by working towards the same goal, together. This won’t be just our work, but absolutely that of yourself and your team as well. This principle of equality also applies to our coaching and strategic consultancy. As your equal partner, we will always tell you what’s what.

3. We Aim for Optimal Results

At No Monkey Business, we don’t believe in quick gains with mediocre results. We do believe in taking the time the process requires. Of course every process has a beginning and an end, but to us, the results are what count. You will only achieve optimal results if you create the best version of your business before entering the market. You can only sell once, whether this concerns your entire business or part of it. It’s therefore important that you take as long as needed and do so at the right time.

4. We Use Clear Agreements and Contracts

To us, honesty and transparency come first. We use clear contracts, without any small print. We charge a fixed monthly fee for our services. In addition to this, we agree on a success fee. The process can be stopped on a monthly basis.