1990 | Start

Martijn starts his journey at the age of 18 with Ivo Kerssemakers. At the time he is still living with his mother who is willing to give up the bigger bedroom for their office. This is 1990; there is no internet and Martijn and Ivo program in Clipper Summer ’87 version with Database dBase III Plus. This is the era of WordPefect and Lotus 123. Martijn also teaches as a freelancer at Computerij Opleidingen in Zwolle on various software packages. After having done many different projects for various SME entrepreneurs, it is time to opt for focus.

1993 | Standard Software

It is time to focus. After having made various customized packages for various SME entrepreneurs Martijn comes into contact with Van Hoeken Thoes Architects. For this architectural firm he develops a project administration software. Initially customized, this software becomes later the standard package Assistance Architect. From this moment on he completely focuses on the architectural sector in the Netherlands and later the Engineering sector.

1995 | Contract with the Dutch Association of Architects

After much lobbying there is a breakthrough in 1995 and they are recommended by the Association of Dutch Architects (BNA). Later in 1996 they are also recommended by NL Ingenieurs (the name is then ONRI). Assistance Architect is renamed Assistance AE (Architects & Engineers). A lot is invested in the functionality of the application and in the following years the market share grows to 70%.