After studying business management and technical management, I always worked on the cutting edge of management and technology, as an employee and as an entrepreneur.

I sold a company twice. I know the process like no other. I was also involved in several acquisitions as IT Strategy and Due Diligence at Deloitte. Thanks to this combination of entrepreneurship and experience working for a Big 4 company, I have plenty of knowledge and experience.


I would like to share this with others. I want to help other entrepreneurs create more value and prepare their business in an adequate way for a dream exit.

Based on NMB’s tried and tested approach, we examine your company’s underlying value: the people, the collective knowledge and experience, the customer base, the documented assets, the market position and its potential. The value of your business is much more than the sum of its financial results.

Value and valuation

When selling a business, there are two things that matter: its value and the valuation. What type of buyer will ensure continuity for your business and your employees? Does this buyer understand what he’s buying? Does he recognise and acknowledge its value? This may seem trivial, but it’s definitely not. The notion of value beyond the consolidated figures needs to be clearly explained to the potential buyer.

Open – Direct – Practical – Focused

I want to challenge you to strike a balance between operational management and guaranteeing value within the company. I rely on the NMB philosophy, team and method, combining this with my experience in starting up, scaling and organising a business.

I can challenge you on many levels, including on the level of your business, HR, finance, marketing and sales, and strategy. I’d love to work towards a dream exit with you.

The difference between price and value

“People know the price of everything and the value of nothing.” This quip (inspired by Oscar Wilde) applies to almost every sales process. That is what makes this dynamic process so interesting. I make sure that the price and the value are crystal clear and well-substantiated.