Transparent prices in line with the size of your business

We believe in a long-term relationship, based on a joint effort, to achieve the goals we set ourselves. We want to create value for you. By becoming a No Monkey Business customer, you automatically have access to our network of specialists, who will be called in where necessary.

The fees of our 4-Step Exit Program were set in line with the size of our customers’ businesses. We distinguish four levels in our fee structure: Basic, Advanced, Professional and Enterprise.

The smaller the business we work for, the fewer hours we’ll need every month. This is largely due to the number of stakeholders. The ‘lines’ are often shorter for small enterprises, meaning decisions can be made faster. The Enterprise Value is also often lower, making our Exit % higher. Our larger customers often have more stakeholders, requiring a more intensive process. But the Enterprise Value is also higher, making our Exit % lower.

The below prices are based on the size of the business (turnover) and are provided as an indication only. More information? Contact us for a detailed proposal.