The free NMB QuickScan©, a great self-analysis tool

The NMB QuickScan© is a handy tool to gain a quick insight into the current state of your business. It consists of 25 questions that make you think about your organization. Take the free NMB QuickScan©, no strings attached.

The NMB QuickScan© is not rocket science, nor is it a magic potion. It draws your attention to a number of aspects that you can work with, but that’s just the start.

The NMB QuickScan© forces you to think about your business. Where do you stand right now? What’s going as it should, and what could be done better? The scan asks the kind of questions that you probably haven’t asked yourself about your business in a while.

The NMB QuickScan© generates a report based on your answers. It explains in which areas you are doing well, and which areas could do with some improvement.

NMB QuickScan© is part of the strategic NMB process.

The NMB QuickScan© is part of the broader No Monkey Business method, which is based on three key elements:

  1. Proposition
    What does your business do? Which problem do you solve for your customers? Why are you better than the competition?
  2. Go-to-Market
    Which market are you targeting? Do you have a full understanding of this market? How do you approach the market and how do you get customers?
  3. Delivery
    How do you deliver on your proposition after gaining a new customer?

Next Steps after the NMB QuickScan©

Next steps after the NMB QuickScan©

The QuickScan results may indicate that an NMB DeepScan is necessary. Don’t worry, we do this scan ourselves.

During the DeepScan, we delve deeper into your company. After an intake assessment, comparing the results of our DeepScan with your QuickScan results may sometimes be worthwhile. It’s a good exercise, because it shows how our research compares to your own. We’re here to help you!