Business is like a roller coaster. The trick is to be very flexible and respond to all the challenges that cross your path. Growth has always been a key theme in my career as an entrepreneur.

Rene de Jong NMB

After I graduated with a degree in IT, I launched my own business at the age of 25. This first business grew at a relatively conservative pace, but as the years passed, I got a taste of what fast growth can do for you.

Building a business and letting it grow, raising millions in investments and selling the business. I’ve experienced almost all of it (the fuck-ups and the successes) first-hand. Almost all of it, because you never stop learning when you’re in business. 

The similarity between business and elite sport 

Since 2016, I’m using my knowledge to guide (software) businesses in the growth or selling process. I really enjoy being able to help entrepreneurs achieve their ambitions. I’m very much in my element on the cutting edge of strategy, marketing and sales.

I can get to the essence very quickly. To me, Step 1 consists of transposing that horizon into a realistic plan. I often liken entrepreneurship to elite sport, because in my opinion, entrepreneurship is a form of elite sport. It demands a lot of your body and mind to deliver the intended top-class performance.

When working with entrepreneurs, I’m very similar to a driven coach. We map the training schedule (strategic plan) and the required training materials (resources) together. We analyze the progress during scheduled coaching sessions.

We don’t just rely on our gut feeling, but mainly on figures. Successful entrepreneurs have a knack for figures after all. We celebrate interim successes and learn from our pitfalls. That’s how we go for gold, whatever it may be. Because you decide what that gold is. 

No guts, no glory 

My motto in life is ‘No guts, no glory’. Raymond Cloosterman, CEO of Rituals Cosmetics, famously said: “You can’t linger too long on whether something works. You need the guts to transpose your vision or dream into action.” That’s the motto I like to live by.