This program is aimed at startups and companies with a turnover up to around 2.5M Euro. Short, medium and long-term objectives are established after the intake phase. These goals are planned in time and together with our coach you will be guided and supported to achieve these goals.

As an entrepreneur you are often alone. No doubt that a sparring partner with whom you can confidently discuss the challenges you face is extremely valuable. Topics that you can think of include:

  • Developing a clear mission and strategy.
  • How to communicate your strategy to your Team and take everyone with you.
  • How to implement this strategy.
  • Go To Market and brand awareness.
  • Improving your sales model.
  • Understanding all facets of your business, implementing Operational Excellence.
  • Sales growth and profit optimization.
  • Expand or grow internationally.
  • Digital, Technology and Cloud.
  • Attract and hold Talent.


Our founder, Martijn van der Hoeden has himself more than 25 years of experience in establishing, leading and growing his business to a successful international software company. Martijn and his team would now like to dedicate their experience to other entrepreneurs, companies and organizations that want to grow and perform optimally.

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